Friday, February 18, 2011

"a mixed bag of weather coming up" by Chris Parr

Chris Parr, co-founder of •chance operations•, was one of several open-mic participants at the January 24 reading at Duff's.

The next reading at Duff's, 392 North Euclid, will be Monday, February 28, with featured readers Catherine Rankovic, Bob Reuter, and Steve Schroeder. Musical guest will be William Kyle. Advance sign-up for the open-mic following the featured readers is encouraged. Doors open at 7:30; cover is $3.00.

"a mixed bag of weather coming up"

blast of a bus • slush on the roadway steady
                 swishing swishing by

your eyelashes' curve a ski-jump, a saturn ring

boomerang "an original work of art" $16.95 snug in
                 the fist in the store of knowledge

your eyelashes' black a panther's blink, obsidian
                 the sliver, undersea ink

time to go cook now merry christmas i'm
                 cokie roberts • zydeco music call toll-free

your eyelashes' length a glimpse of palisade of
                 beauty deep pools to gaze

chit chit chit invisible cardinals in wet dripping
                 xmas eve trees your elsewhere

your elsewhere eyelashes a tangle of icicles
                 longing violations expensive afar yet
                 aglow viennese wish flitter enticements
                 corkscrewbrush thrilling gladtidings jet
                 smokeshield doubletake loveliness

-- Chris Parr

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