Monday, October 4, 2010

"Terminology" by Susan Lively (Spit-Fire)

Susan Lively, aka Spit-Fire, stepped up to the Chance Operations open-mic at the Chance Operations reading at Duff's on September 27. Also reading were Tiffany Mayet, Erin Goss, and Matthew Questionmark.

The featured readers at the September 27 Chance Operations reading at Duff's were Sean Arnold, Julia Gordon-Bramer and Byron Lee.

Dave Stone performed improvisations on saxophone and alto clarinet before and after the featured readers and following the open-mic.

The next Chance Operations reading will be Monday, October 25. Featured readers to be announced. Musical interludes by Learn, Artist!


The good war,
the forgotten war,
the other war.
There is no such thing
as a good war.
Almost every war
is a forgotten war.
How many other wars
do you think there really are?
You have no idea how far they’ll go,
how far they’ve gone.
You have no idea how far.

The good war --
what an honor,
to be killed by a suicide bomber.
The forgotten war --
forgotten by all,
the writing is on the wall.
The other war --
in that other place.
You know the one,
in that other race.
The race to the death,
the final test,
let’s see who can die the best,
let’s see who can lose the most numbers.
As long as we don’t have to face,
the man whose foot we’re under.

The good war --
what a privilege,
to give your life for the privileged.
The forgotten war --
because no one cares,
no one cares what happens there.
The other war --
the one they left behind,
it was all just a side effect of your mind.
Where it doesn’t even matter,
how much we cry.
Here it doesn’t even matter,
how many will die,
in the good war.

-- Susan Lively (Spit-Fire)

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