Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Mythomania" by Erin Goss

Erin Goss stepped up to the Chance Operations open-mic at the Chance Operations reading at Duff's on September 27. Also reading were Tiffany Mayet, Matthew Questionmark, and Spit-Fire.

The featured readers at the September 27 Chance Operations reading at Duff's were Sean Arnold, Julia Gordon-Bramer and Byron Lee.

Dave Stone performed improvisations on saxophone and alto clarinet before and after the featured readers and following the open-mic.

The next Chance Operations reading will be Monday, October 25. Featured readers to be announced. Music interludes by Learn, Artist!

Mythomania or foxtrotin’ on ladies night

For she is a doll: weeping, pouting or smiling, running or
reclining, she is a doll. She is an idol.
-- Germaine Greer

Old storks gossip like heretical nuns about a girl
She’s conger-like tavern walls slippery
Daisy Mae cancering the hearth home mammary
Soft rubber hips gorge on pints and preachers

She’s trauma from an ax an up-like crevasse
Lake Baikal in August warm colder Marco Polo
Something guttural yeasted
An afternoon soirée around the neighborhood. Oh

Or projector perfected
Giving head hands on the helm
With three sulky emerald beats
She hams ghost penis ghost penis ghost whoo whoo!

-- Erin Goss

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