Thursday, September 30, 2010

4 Short Poems by Byron Lee

Byron Lee was one of three featured readers at the September 27 Chance Operations reading at Duff's. Also featured were Julia Gordon-Bramer and Sean Arnold.

In addition, stepping up to the Chance Operations open-mic were Tiffany Mayet, Erin Goss, Matthew Question Mark, and Spit-Fire.

Dave Stone performed saxophone improvisations before and after the featured readers and following the open-mic.

The next Chance Operations reading will be Monday, October 25. Featured readers to be announced. Music interludes by Learn, Artist!

Right Now

Right Now

I want to see you. Peruse your
Present. Take in what will
Never pass your lips. Stumble with you towards
Shared sacrament and lie
With you among the wreckage.

I want to know you.



The Missing

Cigarette-toasted voice
Wielding wit that
Left me
In stitches.

Dimpled face between
Autumn strands
Seared in psyche.

I'm missing the point of not
Missing you,
Raging down a one-way
Street, wishing
Dead End would appear.


It’s my

Better yet, it's

I head to the break room to
Tie one on.

AA meetings in the gym.
(I get nowhere without a

I get the
Munchies without the
Smoke, but I'm just as lazy,
After the hit.

When the world beats me down,
I take it out on
The bag.

Krunchers, Lays, Ruffles.

Any one of 'em will do.

They're all the same.

No matter how many I
Pick up, they never get jealous.


Should my pants peak at my thighs?

Should I dangle participles?

Should a smile be rubber-stamped on my face?

Should I broadcast every thought unfiltered, or should a bitten tongue clamp
          down every concern?

Should my neck snap to the drums, or should my head bang to the riffs?

Should I choose between store-bought brands of black and white,
          or should I mix my own gray?