Friday, May 6, 2011

"dem bones dem bones" by Bob Reuter

Bob Reuter was one of three featured readers at the April 4 reading at Duff's.

The next reading will be Monday, May 23, at Duff's, 392 North Euclid, in the Central West End.

Featured readers will be Eileen G'Sell, Susan SpitFire Lively, and Robert Nazarene.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m.; admission is $3.

Advance sign-up for the open-mic following the featured readers is encouraged. Click here to sign-up via e-mail.

* * *

dem bones dem bones

She ran the damn roost when her old man was alive. You'd hear her screamin' orders at 'im all day long, you'd see her during the work day sneakin' in the apartments she rented, when the tenants were away -- then she'd snipe at the kids down the street. When the old man died she she came all apart, you'd hear her cry some nights by herself. I still remember her out front of the row apartments, bow-legged, feet planted firm, her body weavin' like a fighter an' singin' that old song bout dry bones and a red dress, how she missed 'em -- and then it started raining from somewhere up inside her skirt and i could hear it crackle an' spatter on the dried leaf covered sidewalk.

-- Bob Reuter

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