Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Simple System Monitor Opera in Esperanto" by James Weber

On August 2 at Duff's, James Weber read a selection of his poems. Click here to read more poems by James.

The next Chance Operations readings will be held at Duff's, 392 North Euclid, on September 27, October 25, and November 22. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.; cover charge will be $3. Musical guest on Monday, September 27, will be Dave Stone. Further details to be announced.

Simple System Monitor Opera in Esperanto
(for Anthony Renner)

When Jasper opens arms to include
Iron, he chooses to transcend chert.
When Jasper ornaments a wall, he occupies
a poor girl’s sad fortune, even
a’courted. With no moon left, Jasper
jerks a green thumb and plants
a disco ball atop a lightning rod.
This is a beacon for the kids.
When Jasper requires snuff box, snuff
box appears if requested aloud.
To vocalize needs is to return a letter.
Jasper ain’t easy to love, like
a cowboy, and busts combinations
of pants and maybe a “Love
in Vain.” Honey bees faked a death, buzzed
all night long. If Jasper got
a nickname, it’d be in discretion “Well,
Buzz Awhile.” If your Humboldt County author
exasperated and hairless and freshly farmer
tanned got hi-speed 1988 boom-box dubbed
a slid heart-lost-your-mind or and hilarious
A.K.A., a summer, stage, pen or assumed
name, assured it would be “Sting It,
Then.” Everyone rightly insists no
half-steppin’ where focused
disowners thrive. So Greek meals aside
and cast, and Grecian folk film myths crumbed
off establishment tables, no backyard boiled on
single kerosene burner singing C-130 Hercules
prop tone mini-love, that is, no straight
swooped Nike brand captured phrase, please baby.
This is a real they never get. Do,
Jasper, and the world will forget.

-- James Weber

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